About Awalla

Awalla Concepts and Logistics Limited is a procurement and shipping company. We offer services such as buying and shipping of all kinds of goods from China and have it delivered to your doorstep. Awalla Concepts and Logistics offer the most affordable wholesale and retail procurement and shipping of goods from China. With over 5 years of experience in the procurement business, we have learned to listen to customers' demands and ensure absolute satisfaction by ensuring we deliver the exact product demanded by the customer. Our representatives have spent over 5 years in China and have built a solid relationship with the manufacturer of any kind of product over the years. The strength of our business lies in our consistent ability to satisfy our customer’s demands.

We offer very competitive shipping rates either by air or ship.

We offer pickup services from any city in China 

We assist in compiling goods from different suppliers and ship down to Nigeria.

Air Freight

Get your orders even faster! We know some orders are best received Now. Awalla Concepts offer swift air freight services for goods eligible for air freight. Air Express takes 3 - 4 days, while Air Cargo takes 7-10 and Hong Kong goods take 10-14 days.


Beyond procurements of goods, we offer advisory services where we engage our clients and analyze what they really need, we handle quality checks and also ensure swift and smooth payment transactions. Our procurement services see you through the journey of buying and take your items to the destination of delivery in Nigeria


We are your eye in China! Reach out to Awalla to perfect all businesses with prospective suppliers in China. We help you verify and confirm the genuity and quality of the items before we purchase your items. We also offer payment services

Sea Freight

We don’t just help you buy, we handle the entire process of procurement and delivery events to your doorstep. From the factory to your doorstep, we strive to always meet your demands at the most reduced rate. Our procurement services focus on ensuring accurate and timely delivery of all your wares, let us worry about all the logistics. Just order and get your goods delivered to your doorstep!


Let’s handle everything for you. We don’t just leave you after procurements, we pick the goods from the manufacturer and ensure delivery to your doorstep!. Our services are made to satisfy you.


We offer warehousing services for clients who have bought goods from different suppliers in china. We can keep your wares safe until you are ready to ship to nigeria


Just send us a picture or description of what you want. 


We have discovered how to satisfy you. We give you access to the China open market by constantly updating our Collections (collections clickable to SHOP section if possible)  with the widest range of new products.

We offer procurement services free, with no agency fee. We verify goods from factories/sellers before shipping, repack all goods to ensure the safety of all goods, fragile or not.

Our services are fast and all goods are verified before shipment. Any items sent from factories in bad conditions are sent back and clients are notified. We ensure all fragile goods are well packed, and above all the clients love our procurement services and our 24/7 customer care services. We advise clients on the best factories to buy from and we also try to search for all factories before placing orders for clients.

We offer delivery and our customers can also pick up goods from our office.

Our super team is available to offer free advisory on a product, where to buy from and ensure safe and fast shipment to meet your demands. We can go to any length to ensure your business demands are met!


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